Who We Are
Human engineering for teams
We optimise teams on the world’s most complex construction projects

With over 24 years’ experience on complex projects, Breakthrough Change understands how your engineers and construction specialists think – and behave. They are highly-analytical, high-performing, data-driven individuals. But they are not by nature the best collaborators.

We change that.

Large scale complex construction projects require high performance teams in position who are 100% focused on the task – and 100% committed to each other.

It’s not enough to bring together a group of high-achieving specialists who are expert in their individual disciplines. Complex projects burn through money exceptionally quickly which means Project Directors need to accelerate team performance into the fast lane.

The science of building a team

We have developed a data-driven method of creating and maintaining elite high- performance teams proven to work across all sectors.

Clients see a quantum leap in performance.

The method is measurable and the effect profound.

Experience on major projects
Value of projects worked on
£ 49 b
Direct Savings
£ 200 m
Global Projects
People Supported
> 30 K
Our Story
Breakthrough Change influences the behaviour of an organisation’s most valuable asset: its people.

Breakthrough Change was founded in 1998 by John and Kay, two corporate banking professionals working in London during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Having seen the power of organisational change first hand, they understood what poorly-managed change programmes can do to the people involved – and the knock-on impact to an organisation’s bottom line.

Breakthrough Change launched with simple, skill – centric workshops that demystified the subtleties of key communication and business skills that result in poorly – performing teams.
In 2005, we created a collaborative Project Management Office to manage a series of Government Owned, Contractor Operated projects valued at £4.6 billion. These projects spanned a wide range of industries in the UK and US, including Construction, Engineering, Design, Science, Mechanics, Electrical, HVAC, and Nuclear. Breakthrough Change became capable of handling the full spectrum of corporate cultures.

That’s when our High-Performance Team Development Programme was born.

Based on 20 years of world class research by McKinsey, Harvard, Deloitte and MIT, we conducted a meta study that showcased the 6 pillars of high-performance teams. From this, we developed a High – Performance Team Questionnairetm (HPTQtm) to measure how teams perform within each of the 6 pillars. HPTQs were successful used on 51 complex projects with an average project value of £2.2 billion. Additionally, we achieved a 1.48% saving on the CAPEX budgets, which equates to £200M in CAPEX reduction; testament to the high level of trust, collaboration, and respect we’ve developed across a diverse range of contractors and stakeholders.

Why insight is nothing without integrity

Breakthrough Change has 24 years’ experience in the industry. We’ve worked with over 167 clients and 30,500 individuals But industry insight is worth nothing if it is not implemented with integrity and respect for everyone involved.
Because real breakthrough change happens within people, not just within corporations.

Our Mission
To build the teams behind the world’s biggest builds.

Breakthrough Change should be the starting place for anyone starting an industrial project of £100million upwards. They average 1.48% savings in CAPEX – the ROI is significant and measurable. We should be the go-to place for team optimisation.

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Our People
We run a tight ship and lean team

Like no two of our clients are the same , no two of our consultants are the same, we have a team of 17 associate and consultants all highly experienced, with specialised skills and industry knowledge. This translates to two key benefits for our clients:

  1. We select the best consultant with the right skills and industry knowledge to support you
  2. We don’t have a standing army that needs feeding, this means we have lower overheads that you don’t pay for in our fee.

The fact that 96% of our business comes through recommendations gives you the comfort to know that we have the right people working in the right way and delivering the right results for our clients.