What we do

Embed behavioural change, build peoples skills, develop high performance teams & fight financial crime

Embed behavioural change

Oftentimes, change frightens long-time employees. ‘Survival anxiety’ is one of the most common causes of resistance. Our Breakthrough Change team manages the fear caused by change through communicating clearly, explaining the ‘why’ behind everything we do, articulating ‘how’ we will proceed forward, and making known exactly ‘what’ we need to do on a personal level to achieve desired results.

Build people’s skills-build great habits

Changing habits takes awareness, focus and effort. We support organisations and their people to acquire or change their existing habits to new ones, ones that will deliver the new operating model needed. We equip people with high level business skills including: influencing without authority, negotiation, leadership and mental toughness and resilience. Resilience is the foundation on which great communication skills are built. When we embody resilience, we have the confidence to handle change and the direction to grow stronger while navigating change.

Develop high performance teams

High Performance teams consistenly outperform their competitors by delivering on their objectives through collaborative behaviour and deep trusting relationships. Over the past 15 years we have supported the development of High performance Teams across the globe on 47 complex/mega projects. We deliver a 14% increase in positive behaviours in the first six months. At the same time we delivered a 4.4% decrease in Capex on projects with an average budget of £2.8 Billion.

Fight financial crime-KYC & CDD Analyst Training

Our five day face to face KYC & CDD (Know Your Customer & Customer Due Diligence) workshops are an interactive, engaging, and thoughtprovoking way to change your analysts mindset from mere compliance to fighting financial crime. In turn, participants have a newfound knowledge and skillset to succeed in the role of a KYC Analyst. They leave our 5 day programme fully equipped with the analytical skills and knowledge needed to hit the ground running.