25 July 2020
The only person that can make you feel bad is……. you!

I was working with a client yesterday and as she shared her experience at work about how her line manager was behaving in a way that made her feel bad, and to be honest his behaviour is way below the standard of a Senior Leader in a Global Organisation, but that’s another story, anyway as we talked about his behaviour it became more and more obvious that out that no matter how poor his behaviour was, she was the one that was letting him make her feel bad. Often we’ll let other people’s perception of us affect the way we perceive us. Why do we do that, we seem to find it easier to focus on the negatives in life and accept them as truth, rather than put their comments into perspective, balance them and then look at it through our filters and then make a decision about the truth. The only way we give strength to negative behaviours towards us is when we accept them as truth, in other words the only person that can make me feel bad about me is……. Me.

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7 October 2020
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