High Performance Team Questionnaire

We developed the HPTQ to measure the six team foundations that need to be in place to enable a team to operate at the High Performance Level:

1. Vision & Purpose

2. Goals, Roles & Responsibilities

3. Processes & Procedures

4. Team & Self Accountability

5. Technical Skills

6. Collaborative Behavioural Skills

High Performing Teams outperform other types of team by a factor of 2 and deliver superior R.O.I.

The choices we have when we work together are:

Work Groups

(Silos little or no inter group support & communication)

Imitation Team

(Silos with badges, limited team activities with no substance, no support for other teams than your own)

Potential Team

(Individual pockets of performance, very dependent on individual’s energy and drive)

High Performance Team

(whole team believing and acting as a unit towards achievement of our project milestones, supporting each other to succeed)

Real Team

(A number of pockets of performance, people working together. superhero behaviours needed to get things over the line)

Teams need to operate in the High Performance zone when they are working in complex organisations, delivering a new technology or simply have stretch targets and milestones that can seem unattainable at times.

The HPTQ  measures where you are against the six foundations of High Performance. From this point, you can build a performance improvement plan to improve your team’s performance.

High performance occurs at 80%.

Over 2000 people in 47 organisations have taken the HPTQ  with the average first score of 61%, after 3 months ave score is 70%, 9 months 73% and 18 months 80%.

Over the past 22 years we have supported 165 organisations to successfully change their behaviours. Ask us how we can support your organisation in moving into the HIgh performance Zone.