How we optimise teams
The science of building a high-performance team

We’re driven by evidence, not circumstance. Performance, even in softer skills such as communication, collaboration and relationship-building can be measured. If you measure it, you can optimise it.

Our process: Measurable, data-driven optimisation

We achieve breakthroughs using the 6-step BARPIT process and High-Performance Team Questionnairetm, both unique to Breakthrough Change.
The methodology has been underwritten by research from world class institutions including Harvard, McKinsey, Deloitte and MiT.


Establishing the Baseline
Our initial stage establishes a baseline by asking key team members on the project to assess and score how they consider the team is currently performing.
We use the unique High Performance Team Questionnaire, HPTQtm,, which measures how the team performs against the six foundations of High Performance.
The Breakthrough Change HPTQ tm crunches these ‘soft perceptions’ into hard data and percentages against which performance – and improvement – can be measured. The top 5 under-performing areas are identified, analysed and worked through with the teams involved. The baselining method is repeated after 6 months.
No team has ever remained at, or below, the initial baseline after 6 months.
High performance occurs at 80%
High performance occurs at 80%
Breakthrough Change occurs at 18 months, with the average score at 80%
The Breakthrough Change BARPIT process is unique. Teams find it inspirational, and, impressively, measurable. Because the science of building an elite team isn’t rocket science.
Driven by quantifiable success
£ 200 M Delivered over £200M of client-verified savings in the last 16 years
1860 % Average ROI for clients on cost of engagement of over 1860%
96 % 96% of our work comes from repeat engagements or referrals
Change happens through communication.
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