6 May 2021
High Performance Team
How do you know if your behavioural change programme is working?

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Measurement-The Key to Success

Behaviours are often considered to be soft and viewed as difficult to measure, this creates the problem of How do you know if your behavioural change programme is working?. We believe that all behaviours are measurable and more importantly the effects of these new/changes in behaviour have on the business are also measurable. That’s why we created the HPTQ, it measure the teams perception of where they are compared to High Performing Teams. This provides you with data that, once analysed, points to the key improvement areas your business or project needs to make. Develop a plan to close these gaps and re-measure and align with your key business measurements you can see what effect the changes have made. Over the past 23 years we have worked with over 160 organisations, 30,000 people and delivered positive ROI on their investments with us. What makes Breakthrough Change unique is that we rely on solid measurable data that helps us and our clients to pinpoint the areas that need to be improved. We then support our clients to make the improvements to these areas and measure the effect of the changes on their business performance.  This means you can measure the return on your investment with Breakthrough.


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