3 August 2020
Business High Performance Team
3 Pillars of High Performance Teams

1. Social Cohesion
When groups work together they have two levels of cohesion, the first is Task Cohesion, where the group bonds around the actual work  they are to perform as a group. All communication is focused on the task. The second level of cohesion is the Social Cohesion which is focused on the behaviours of the members of the team, here in addition to communication around the task, the team also has communication around the purpose of the work they are performing, the values expected of the team members to deliver success, the relationships with key stakeholders related to their task and the interpersonal behaviours when working together.

2. Vulnerability Trust
Being comfortable with one another around asking for help and support, their failures, weaknesses or even fears.
Vulnerability based trust is built on the simple and practical idea that people who aren’t afraid to admit the truth about themselves are not going to engage in the kind of political behaviour that wastes everyone’s time and energy, and more importantly, makes the accomplishment of results an unlikely scenario.

3. Collaborative Mindset
The belief that through mutual collaboration all parties needs will be satisfied, which is contrary to a “zero sum games” mindset where all parties compete for a limited resource with the aim to gain as much for your own party to the determent of others involved.

Change happens through communication.
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