1 October 2019
Brave New Leader

I was reading a new book about how language can change our brain structure and one of the companies mentioned in the book talked about how each morning the department heads would gather round in a circle, yawn, stretch and then in 30 seconds or less share with the group what they are working on. It claimed, and I have no reason to disbelieve the claim, that this method has developed more co-operation, trust and teamwork in the organisation. By the way it is a multi million dollar US corporation.

At first I thought wow! I could never do something like that it would seem kind of weird.  Getting everyone round in a circle it’s almost like a religious ceremony. Then I realised sometimes as leaders we have to be brave, we have to have the courage to do things differently, to lead the way instead of following. What’s the worst that can happen people laugh it off and think you’re nuts. On the other hand it could just give you that competitive advantage that sets you apart from the others.

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7 October 2020
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